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Thumbs Up! is a six-level primary series that motivates children to learn English while developing other areas of knowledge. Every child is an individual with unique abilities and strengths, and Thumbs Up! helps students discover their own pathway to learning.

Through cross-curricular themes, stories, songs, poems, games, values and multiple intelligence activities, Thumbs Up! fosters students’ critical thinking skills, creativity and natural curiosity in other subjects of the curriculum.



  • Student’s Book
  • Cutouts and Holidays Booklet
  • Practice Book
  • Student’s CD
  • Interactive CD-ROM
  • Website


  • Teacher’s Guide in five easy-to-carry booklets
  • Poster and Poster Cutouts
  • Teacher’s Resource CD-ROM (worksheets, assessments, flashcards, word cards, templates, vocabulary lists)

Scope and Sequence